Natural Drama

We are excited to be on board with one of 2018’s biggest trends: natural drama. The effortless connection between nature and design has surfaced with elegant and authentic materials and color palettes. From marble agate to white alabaster and petrified wood, the material and color combos are endless and result in rich, refined aesthetics. Shapes and outlines found in nature are used to create silhouettes that allow you to bring the outdoors inside and into your design.

Here at Wildwood, we were excited to bring this trend to life in a stunning array of designs. Take a peek at some of our favorite pieces that showcase our dive into the world of natural drama.

Natural Stone

Some of the most eye-catching pieces in line with our natural drama trend feature stunning natural stone. Here are some of our highlights!

Wildwood Xavier Lamp

Wildwood Stonegate Table

Wildwood Moon Lamp

Wildwood Geode Lamp

Wildwood Mackenzie Lamp

Natural Petrified Wood

We are loving the unique patterns that natural petrified wood adds to our new pieces. This rich and elegant material can be used to create a neutral focal point, accent piece or fill any other need your space might have. Take a look of some of our most popular pieces made from natural petrified wood.

Wildwood Fossil Mirror

Wildwood Bedrock Nested Tables

Wildwood Betty Table

Wildwood Verve Cocktail Table

Wildwood Jetson Console Table

Natural Silhouette

Taking figures from some of nature's most elegant shapes, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside has never been more effortless. Tree limbs and branches seem to intertwine to create a polished and luxurious silhouette that radiates natural drama.

Wildwood Woody Accent Table

Wildwood Ramus Lamp

Wildwood Litchfield Hurricane

Wildwood Branch Table

Woody Side Table

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