Designer Spotlight on Cheryl Luckett

Changing careers, following her passion and building a business.

cheryl luckett

"Your home should be your haven. Whether you're in your first apartment or your forever home, it’s where you spend most of your time. It should be a beautiful space where you love to be."

Cheryl Luckett has been sharing this philosophy with her clients since making the transition from a career in nutrition to pursuing her passion for interior design.

She says, "I enjoyed my career as a registered dietitian, but after I purchased my first home, I became interested in decorating on a budget. That led to taking community college classes in design and starting a blog. From there, friends started asking me to help with designing their homes, and before I knew it, I had a side business."

After two years of going to school and working on side projects, while still at her full-time job, Cheryl formulated a three-year plan to fully transition to a career in interior design. "It was hard work trying to do it all. Thankfully, I love design, so while it technically was 'work', it didn't feel it," she explains.

In 2012, she completed the transition by officially launching her company, Dwell by Cheryl.

Dwell by Cheryl
A recent project from Cheryl, featuring Wildwood Elizabeth Chandelier and Tivoli Lamps.

Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, Cheryl believes her life in the south has influenced her design style. She says, "I love the grandeur of a typical southern home. I like to implement an approachable formality in my designs, for example, by reinventing a piece of vintage furniture with a more modern fabric. I love mixing in the old with the new because it creates a look of pieces that have been collected over time."

Cheryl's eye for design has resonated with her online audience, particularly on social media. "The beauty of this day and age we're living in is that by the time someone contacts me, they already have a sense of my aesthetic and it appeals to them. As a designer, that sets me up for success, because the client knows from the beginning that our styles align," explains Cheryl.

Belle by Cheryl
Belle by Cheryl at High Point Market, featuring Wildwood Whitney Lamps

As her business continues to grow, she is working on new projects, including the launch of The Belle by Cheryl Luckett furniture collection. She says, "I'm excited about the future. I've been able to partner with some wonderful brands and hope to venture into fabric design and other larger projects, but not at the risk of sacrificing the authenticity of my brand."

Often asked for advice by aspiring designers, she credits much of her success to surrounding herself with the right people as she grows her business. Cheryl explains, "I believe in lifting as you climb. I'm a mentor and I have a mentor as well that has been incredibly helpful to me. I've also invested in my career by working with a business coach. It's impossible to be an expert at everything. I've found that knowing when to ask for help is part of being a great leader."

Dwell by Cheryl and Wildwood
Cheryl styled a Wildwood Mythos Lamp in her recent design.

Cheryl talks more about the lessons she's learned in building her business on an episode of the LuAnn Nigara podcast. We hope you'll give it a listen and check out Cheryl's Instagram and website to learn more about her furniture collection and how her services might be right for you.