Frederick Cooper Wildwood

At Wildwood, we are committed to creating the highest quality home furnishings, from classic and timeless, to on-trend and modern. In an effort to expand our product line and provide our customers with the best pieces available, we acquired Frederick Cooper in 2011.

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The company was started by Frederick Cooper, a Chicago artist who opened his original studio in 1923, with the intention of creating sculptures and watercolor paintings. Inspired by the still fairly new invention of lamps, he began using mixed media to create masterful lamps that reflected the new wave of American architecture of the time period.

Cooper’s influences live on in the products that make up our Frederick Cooper Collection, an assortment of stunning pieces made from exquisite natural materials like bronze, marble and brass, while always exploring new materials to design with.

Every piece is thoughtfully crafted, down to the fabric that will shade the base of each lamp. Design collaborations with renowned names like Larry Laslo and Alexander Julian ensure that pieces are created in an array of styles that will compliment any space.

Whether you’re looking for a piece of illuminated art in the style of Traditional, Nouveau or anything between, there’s something in the collection that will be the perfect finishing touch for your design.

Wildwood Stitched Leather Oval Lamp

Wildwood Lith Lamp

Wildwood Himalayan Lamp

We are proud that Frederick Cooper’s breathtaking pieces have been featured in the White House and embassies around the world. We look forward to continuing our efforts to provide you with innovative styles for years to come.

The entire Frederick Cooper Collection is on display at our High Point, North Carolina showroom, located at 200 North Hamilton Street. You can also view the pieces in our online catalog.